The Other NRA Exposed

The National Restaurant Association’s Duplicitous Lobbying, Perpetuation of Race and Gender Inequity, and Support for Insurrectionists

The National Restaurant Association –– the other NRA –– is one of the most powerful Big Food lobbies in the United States and represents the top chain restaurant corporations; key leaders in the NRA include Darden (Olive Garden’s parent company), Dine Brands Global (IHOP/Applebee’s), Denny’s, and Disney. The Other NRA and its member corporations have actively lobbied for suppressing wages and furthering racial and gender inequity since the trade lobby’s inception. This report details the other NRA’s most recent duplicitous lobbying efforts against the Raise the Wage Act, blocking a wage increase for 32 million Americans, and in supporting white supremacists seeking insurrection in January 2021.


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