State Campaigns

Due to the lobbying power of the National Restaurant Association, App-based giants, and other Fortune 500 corporations, too many corporations are getting away with not paying millions of workers at least the minimum wage. One Fair Wage is seeking to right this wrong by making gains nationwide. One Fair Wage was passed on the ballot in Maine, Washington, DC and Flagstaff, AZ, and in the legislature in Michigan; in all of these locations the National Restaurant Association has spent millions to lobby legislators to overturn the will of the people. In July 2019, One Fair Wage passed in the US House of Representatives. And tipped and other subminimum wage workers are rising up in states all over the country and demanding One Fair Wage.

In 2019, legislators in 16 states introduced One Fair Wage bills. Below are just a few of the many states advancing One Fair Wage policy – click below to get involved. Together, we can make One Fair Wage a reality.