ROC Action Results Memo

ROC Action is a national organization of more than 100,000 workers, employers, and consumers
organizing for better wages and working conditions in the restaurant industry. Through their
coworker-to-coworker model they seek to mobilize restaurant workers, millions of whom are
women, youth, and people of color, to build long-term, collective power to create change.

In 2018, ROC Action partnered with Analyst Institute to test the effectiveness of their relational voter
turnout program as a part of the Directed Research Fund. This Fund was created by Analyst
Institute, Civic Innovation Works, and Civic Innovation USA to advance new learning and support
groups doing scalable, innovative relational voter contact work.

To build their program, ROC Action used their One Fair Wage campaign to recruit 2,912 champions
in Michigan. Using MyRVPList, champions mapped their networks, each listing an average of 5
contacts to build an experimental universe of 14,198 targets. Notably, ROC Action’s relational voter
turnout program reached a significantly larger scale than any relational voter turnout program
studied with a randomized controlled trial prior to the 2018 cycle.

The main results of the test are as follows: READ MORE

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