Yamila Ruiz

Yamila Ruiz, Communications Director
Yamila Ruiz

As OFW’s Communications Strategist, Yamila helps to support restaurant owners in advocating for sustainable business models that champion living wages, basic benefits, fair promotion policies, among other “high road” employer practices as recipes for success, not impediments to profitability. These employers represent over 800 progressive restaurants across the U.S. in all sectors of the industry — from fine dining to quick-casual. RAISE is changing the conversation about wages and labor practices for one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the country.

Yamila worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years, in various sectors of the industry throughout her career. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she focused her studies on Sociology, specifically on issues affecting the Hispanic & Latino community via her concentration in Latino Studies. Yamila was previously the National Legal Organizer for ROC United, leading the Sanctuary Restaurants project to create safer spaces for all within the restaurant industry. She also provided legal support to ROC chapters nationwide to better assist restaurant workers and employers working towards increasing equity in the industry. She joined ROC initially as the Research & Policy Organizer at the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Boston working on the One Fair Wage campaign to eliminate the subminimum wage for all tipped workers in Massachusetts.

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