Yamila Ruiz

Yamila Ruiz, Communications Director
Yamila Ruiz

Yamila Ruiz is the Director of Communications at One Fair Wage (OFW), a national coalition, campaign and nonprofit organization seeking to lift millions of tipped and subminimum wage workers nationally out of poverty by advocating for raising wages and improving working conditions across the country. The OFW campaign and coalition includes all workers for whom tips are considered wage replacement – including restaurant workers, nail salon technicians, car wash workers, tech platform delivery workers and drivers, as well as other subminimum wage workers including disabled, incarcerated and teenage workers. OFW conducts policy advocacy, voter engagement, worker and employer organizing and culture shift activities to ultimately lift millions of tipped workers out of poverty nationwide and engage them in the political process. Yamila oversees the narrative and culture shift aspects of OFW’s communications work, which includes developing worker spokespersons to represent the organization and highlighting their stories of resilience to demonstrate the need for One Fair Wage.

Previously, she served as the High Road Director at OFW, overseeing the RAISE (Restaurants Advancing Industry Standards in Employment) network of over 850 progressive, ‘High Road’ restaurant owner members of OFW. In that role, she helped to support independent restaurant owners in advocating for sustainable business models that champion living wages, basic benefits, fair promotion policies, among other ‘high road’ employment practices as recipes for success, not impediments to profitability. Yamila is the proud daughter of immigrant parents to the U.S. and carries that struggle with her in her everyday work. She previously worked at the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United where she first got involved in the fight for fair wages and working conditions for service industry workers across the United States. To Contact, please email Yamila@onefairwage.org or Comms@onefairwage.org

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