Our Michigan volunteers need YOUR help!

Our volunteers are working overtime to collect signatures and get One Fair Wage on the ballot in Michigan. The signature collection deadline is June 1st and we need your help to make it happen.

Donate to support One Fair Wage 

Check out some photos below from a recent event at the Royal Oak Farmers Market:

In order to get the momentum that we need to pass a federal minimum wage which includes One Fair Wage, we need states like Michigan to lay the groundwork in passing wage increases in the next year.

A recent study by Oxfam shows that raising the minimum wage would benefit more than 50 million American workers and their families.

Not to mention, the article reminds us that “Black women who are tipped restaurant workers earned on average nearly $5 an hour less than their white male counterparts nationwide.”

So, we need your help.

Will you donate any amount to One Fair Wage right now to support our volunteers in Michigan? We need all the momentum we can get, so we’re counting on you.

Thanks for standing with us, 

One Fair Wage

If you have not yet already, please sign our petition to give all workers One Fair Wage! For updates and to learn more about our work, follow us on social media: Twitter |  Facebook | Instagram 

The Democracy Center ATTN: One Fair Wage
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