‘9 to 5’ Watch Party – You Can Vote For a HIGHER WAGE…or do nothing.

‘9 to 5’ Watch Party – You Can Vote For a HIGHER WAGE…or do nothing.

Fans of the always relevant ‘9 to 5’ movie got to ask stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin questions
about the workplace then and now at One Fair Wage’s live watch party.

Jane Fonda, actress, climate, and wage warrior gave support for an 18 an hour minimum wage
in California. It sets a new standard for acceptable minimum wages. Increasing wages in
California make sub-minimum wages in other states, as low as $2.13 an hour, look ridiculous
and harder to defend.

In fact, higher minimum wages anywhere make unlivable wages harder to justify. Lily Tomlin, a
Detroit, Michigan-born actress, got her start like many other actors, as a server. She’s been
asked to look sexy, and show cleavage so that she could make enough tips to pay her bills.
Because Lily did not make a secure, livable minimum wage, she was subjected to abuse,
sexual harassment that she felt pressured to go along with. In her opinion, the workplace is
worse now than in the 1980s when ‘9 to 5’ was filmed. The reasons Tomlin gave were stagnant
wages, contract, and subcontract workers who often have no direct affiliation with the people
who hired them.

OFW is raising funds to get higher wages on the ballot, so you can tell your boss it’s time for a
living. OFW founder, Saru Jayaraman, realizes ‘when people have to work two or three jobs,
they don’t have time to vote.’ It is time to vote make a change.

OFW has raised 2.1 million dollars of their $3 million goal to make sure they collect 250,000
signatures to get fair wages on the ballot in Michigan. You can contribute here to help one
million people get a raise in Michigan. Then you can vote for yourself to get a wage increase.

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