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October 2021

TIME, “Young People Are Leaving Their Jobs in Record Numbers—And Not Going Back”

Mother Jones, “Work Is So Bad That People Are Quitting in Droves. We Should See That as a Good Thing.”

Bloomberg, “Shake Shack Founder Danny Meyer Joins Call to Raise Restaurant Wages to $15”

TapInto.Net, “Tour Showcases Three New York City Restaurants Paying Fair Wage”

Syracuse, “Gov. Hochul: Reward work, reduce hunger by ending ‘tipped’ wage (Guest Opinion by Saru Jayaraman, Joel Berg)”


AMNY, “New York City restaurant workers say they will put their vote where their wages are”

HR Dive, “Some workers say they feel underpaid, even as employers hike wages”

The Progressive Magazine, “Refusing to serve”

Essence, “Every worker paid at least $25 an hour at this NYC restaurant”

Daily Dot, “‘That’s gross’: Viral TikTok shows Olive Garden customer’s inappropriate feedback about server”

425 Business, “Wage increase test program coming to Issaquah, North Bend”

Oklahoma’s News 4, “How much should you tip on a takeout order?”

September 2021

Eater, “Restaurants are maybe, finally seeing the benefit of paying workers better wages”

Restaurant Hospitality, “Report: Restaurant workers are seeing an uptick in wage theft, harassment and hostility in 2021”

Craft Brewing Business, “Wage theft in the service industry is getting worse in 2021 according to new report”

Times Union, “Commentary: To curb sexual harassment, we must target the system, not just individuals”

New York Times, “How to make an unloved job more attractive? Restaurants tinker with wages.” 

HR Dive, “34% of restaurant workers experienced more wage theft in 2021, OFW reports”

NY Daily News, “Reunion of Windows on the World staffers 20 years after 9/11 offers fond memories of fallen colleagues, calls for better restaurant pay”

Spectrum News NY1, “Ceremonies across NYC honor lives lost on Sept. 11”

New York Times, “Windows on the World employees are remembered amid calls for better pay for service workers”

AMNY, “World Trade Center restaurant workers call for fair wages on 9/11 anniversary”

CBS News, “Labor movement rises from ashes of World Trade Center’s Windows on the World restaurant”

NY Post, “Here is the list of NYC events honoring the 20th anniversary of 9/11”

The Wall Street Journal, “Former Workers at Windows on the World Restaurant Hold Memorial”

Restaurant Dive, “Raising tipped minimum wage could spark job loss, study shows”

Hyde Park Herald, “Op-Ed: We need a living wage to end slavery’s legacy and celebrate Labor Day”

New Republic, “No, Low-Wage Workers Aren’t Lazy. They’re on Strike.”

Vox, “Service workers now have another thankless job: Checking vaccine statuses”

August 2021

Cleveland Scene, “Study: The Pandemic Forced Women in the Restaurant Industry to Reevaluate How it Values Their Work” 

Danilo Diazgranados: On food and wine, “The cost of labor shortages in US restaurants”

Yahoo! Finance, “Seeing link between wages and workers, more businesses raise the former to address the latter”

Detroit Metro Times, “Report finds 9 out of 10 Michigan restaurants are ‘inadequately staffed,’ and we’re not surprised”

Restaurant Dive, “One Fair Wage creates guide to transition restaurants to a $15 minimum wage”

Eater, “How Small Restaurant Owners are Navigating the Labor Shortage”

Restaurant Dive, “Restaurants have hired 1.3M employees since January”

Times Union, “Restaurant customers upped tips during pandemic, but inequities remain”

Nation’s Restaurant News, “Here’s how much menu prices could go up if the Raise the Wage Act is passed”

The Columbus Dispatch, “Restaurants are still having problems hiring, even with enhanced benefits”

July 2021

Restaurant Business, “Restaurants find an unlikely ally in their fight to keep workers: Organized labor”

Union Leader, “John Pepper: Bailing out the restaurant industry means paying workers a full, fair wage”

Restaurant Dive, “One Fair Wage launches $1M restaurant worker relief fund”

Patch, “New ‘Wages Can’t Wait’: Service workers action & relief fund”

Union Leader, “Progressives keep pressure on Hassan, Shaheen to support minimum wage increase”

Citizen-Times, “The tipping point: Some say the subminimum wage is remnant of slavery, has to go”

GPB News, “A $500-sign on bonus to deliver pizzas? Here’s what to know about hiring incentives”

Spectrum Local News, “NY minimum wage for fast-food workers raised to $15 per hour”

June 2021

NPR, “A former D.C. restaurant workers is reviving an initiative on the tipped minimum wage”

Washington City Paper, “Which D.C. restaurants are distancing themselves from tipping?”

Detroit Free Press, “Michigan restaurant owners to patrons: Please be kind, patient, leave attitude at the door”

The Lily, As restrictions ease, the respect restaurant workers got is ‘out the window,’ they say. It’s driving some to quit.

Fox 47 News, “One Fair Wage Michigan holds small rally to fight for a higher minimum wage”

CBS New York, “New York City Council Mulling Bill That Would Allow Restaurant Surcharges To Continue After Pandemic Ends”

The Boston Globe, “The companies are raising wages and offering bonuses to attract more workers in Mass”

Thrillist, “How the pandemic is changing the way restaurant employees are being paid”

OnMilwaukee, “Lazy Susan to reopen with new patio, refreshed space”

Chicago Tribune, “Back-aching work. Low pay. No health care: Here’s why Chicago restaurant workers aren’t coming back.”

The Center Square, “New York’s restaurants, workers both struggling to get back to normal as pandemic wanes”

Washington Post, “Another way to think about the ‘worker crisis’: Americans’ work conditions are terrible”

Restaurant Dive, “Report: Most diners still want restaurant workers to mask up”

May 2021

Washington Post, “Why restaurant workers are demanding better wages and working conditions”

Daily Kos, “Las Vegas restaurant manager shows exactly why he might be having trouble hiring workers”

The Austin Chronicle, “It’s a wage shortage — not a worker shortage — and it disproportionately affects women and person of color”

WUSA9, “Hospitality workers strike in DC, demanding livable wages”

AMNY, “Wage strike ends with protesters cuffed in lower Manhattan”

Eater Chicago, “Hospitality workers plan wage strike Wednesday outside Gibsons”

Truthout, “Restaurant workers say they won’t return to work without a living wage”

Boston Globe, “Hiring strain is showing fractured market — and why reassembling it is proving so difficult”

Eater, “Restaurants turn to hiring bonuses to entice workers”

Wall Street Journal, “Remote tipping became more popular during Covid-19”

Fast Company, “Six creative ways workers are taking back power”

The Guardian, “‘It’s a minefield’: U.S. restaurant workers leave industry over Covid”

Business Insider, “Amazon was blamed for killing malls. Now its higher-paying jobs may be choking the restaurant industry’s comeback”

CNN, “Low pay and ‘toxic’ work environments are driving workers away from restaurants’

The Guardian, “The U.S. restaurant industry is lacking in wages, not workers”

USA Today, “Minimum wage debate stalls congress but not rest of America” 

Restaurant Dive, “Report: 76% of restaurant workers plan to leave jobs over low wages, tips”

Washington Post, “Opinion: In this weird work environment, it just might be a good time to be a teenager”

Mother Jones, “The real reason women aren’t applying to restaurant jobs”

Forbes, “Chipotle is raising its wages to average $15 an hour”

Washington Post, “As his restaurants’ customers return, a Miami chef is missing a critical ingredient: workers”

Fast Company, “Why we need one fair wage for workers now”

April 2021

Eater, “Labor Advocates Allege Powerful Lobby is Depressing Wages in Massachussetts”

New York Times, “As Diners Return, Restaurants Face a New Hurdle: Finding Workers”

New York Times, “What Is Hospitality? The Current Answer Doesn’t Work”

Newsweek, “McDonald’s, Other CEO’s Tell Investors $15 Minimum Wage Won’t Hurt Business”

The Intercept, “New Hampshire’s Democratic Senators Are Quietly Resisting a Minimum Wage Hike”

‘Server for an Hour’ Events Photos & Press Roundup

Rep. Ro Khanna: Friday, April 9 at SP2 in San Jose, CA

KNTV (NBC) – Today in the Bay 

KTVU (FOX) – Mornings on 2

KTVU (FOX) – Mornings on 2 (2)


KTVU (FOX) – News at Noon

Rep. Debbie Dingell: Saturday, April 10 at Miss Kim’s in Ann Arbor, MI

WJBK (FOX Detroit), “Rep. Debbie Dingell Becomes a Restaurant Server for An Hour to Highlight the Raise The Wage Act”

WJBK (FOX Detroit) – VIDEO

Rep. Sara Jacobs at Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant in San Diego, CA


KFMB (CBS San Diego)

The Philadelphia Tribune, “‘A perfect storm’: These restaurants survived the pandemic. Now they can’t find workers”

Michigan Advance, “Lawrence: Minimum wage for tipped workers is ‘an insult'”

Newsweek, “Why Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema Will Headline Anti-$15 Minimum Wage, Anti-Union Event”

Ms. Magazine, “Feminists Unite Against Sexual Harassment and Subminimum Wage Plagues Service Workers”

The Washington Post, “Trump’s PAC has not put its millions into push for ballot reviews he touts”

Washington City Paper, “D.C. Restaurants Had a Staffing Problem Before the Pandemic. Now It’s a Crisis.”

Fox 2 Detroit, “Rep Debbie Dingell becomes a restaurant server for an hour to highlight the ‘Raise the wage Act.’

The New York Times, “As Diners Return, Restaurants Face a New Hurdle: Finding Workers”

White House, “A Proclamation on National Sexual Assault Prevention And Awareness Month, 2021”

Newsweek, “McDonald’s, Other CEOs Tell Inventors $15 Minimum Wage Won’t Hurt Business”

Collective Future Fund, “Collective Future Fund Announces $11 Million Multi-Year Investment in Survivor-Led Movements to End Violence”

The Boston Globe, “For the hospitality industry, struggling to recover, it’s a moment of reckoning”

Jacobin, “The Subminimum Tipped Wage for Restaurant Workers Guarantees On-the-Job Harassment”

Recover Recess

POLITICO, “Senate Democratic moderates push for minimum wage compromise”

March 2021

Letter: Women & Gender Justice Leaders Letter on Tipped Minimum Wage

Story Partners, “Why a phased-in $15 minimum wage would help hard-hit small businesses and local economies recover”

The New Yorker, “Mario González Still Wants to Know Why the Police Held Him After the Atlanta Shooting”

BBC, “Should the US abandon tipping?”

CBS News, “Lower your mask: Female restaurant workers face sexual harassment even during pandemic”

The New York Times, “To Fight Poverty, Raise the Minimum Wage? Or Abolish It?”

The Hill, “Raising minimum wage is the minimum promise for women of color”

Insider, “A $15 minimum wage would lift millions out of poverty with ‘limited negative effects’ on aggregate income, Morgan Stanley says”

The Salt Lake Tribune, “Letter: The minimum wage has not been raised since 2009, and raising it is long overdue”

Bloomberg, “Pelosi Commits to Minimum-Wage Hike, But Without a Timetable”

Food & Wine, “Will a $15 Minimum Wage Work for Restaurants?”

Maine Beacon, “Four years after Mainers voted to raise wages for tipped workers, Congress may act”

Fast Company, “How we should reimagine restaurant work in a post-COVID-19 world”

February 2021

Letter: Raise The Wage Act: Letter to US Congress Members

Good, “Over 200 small business owners and employers pen letter endorsing Raise the Wage Act”

POLITICO, “Politico Playbook: Progressives suffer their first big blow of the Biden presidency”

Mojo Wire, “The Tipped Minimum Wage Didn’t Help Restaurants and Hotels Survive the Pandemic, Says a New Report”

The New York Times, “Is This the End of Tipping?”

The Atlantic, “The Counterintuitive Workings of the Minimum Wage”

Oxfam America, “An Open Letter to President Biden.”

KQED, “‘Waging Change’ For Fair Pay For Tipped Workers”

The Hill, “The first step to build back better: Give America a Raise”

Fast Company, “A $15 federal minimum wage would reshape the lives of working people. Can Biden deliver?”

USA Today, “For these tipped workers, $15 minimum wage is a matter of COVID-19 survival”

The New York Times, “Tipping Is a Legacy of Slavery”

The Washington Post, “Black restaurant servers were tipped less than others in retaliation for enforcing social distancing, report says”

The Appeal, “American Democracy Cannot Breathe”

USA Today, “Fact Check: Tipping began amid slavery, then helped keep former Black slaves’ wages low”

The Washington Post, “President Biden’s push for $15-an-hour minimum wage faces strong head winds in Senate”

Eater Detroit, “Michigan Partners With Nonprofit to Offer Restaurant Relief in Exchange for Eliminating Tipped Minimum Wage”

Politico Magazine, “The Racist History of Tipping”

January 2021

December 2020

November 2020

October 2020

Letter: Service Workers and Employers’ Unity Deal: Letter to Governor Cuomo & State Legislature

Letter: Public Health Experts Call on Governor Cuomo enact One Fair Wage

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June 2020

Eater: A New $3M City Fund Aims to Pay Staffers at Small Restaurants $20 Per Hour

CNN: New York City announces $3 million initiative to help city’s small restaurants

Daily Mail: NYC Mayor de Blasio promises to save family-owned restaurants by pledging just $3 MILLION just weeks after saying struggling small businesses are ‘hanging on’ – as experts warn 85% will shut down by the end of the year

Restaurant Hospitality: New York City commits $2 million in grants of up to $30,000 each for independent restaurants

Grub Street: Mayor de Blasio Announces Plan to Help Some of New York’s Family-Run Restaurants

Politico: Partially reopen, New York City bears little resemblance to its former self

May 2020

LA Times: New project High Road Kitchens helps restaurants provide food on a sliding scale

Forbes: How Six Gender Justice Funders Are Providing COVID-19 Emergency Funding

Civil Eats: People of Color are at Greater Risk of COVID-19. Systemic Racism in the Food System Plays a Role

Fast Company: This new program gives funds to California restaurants if they serve free meals and commit to fair wages

Hollywood Reporter: Mark Wahlberg, Tamron Hall and Justin Timberlake Among Stars Sharing Their Stories to Help Next Generation of WME Agents

SF Chronicle: California initiative looks to save restaurants, increase workforce diversity

CNBC: Study finds 44% of U.S. unemployment applicants have been denied or are still waiting

Fast Company: Millions of people still haven’t received unemployment payments. These states are the worst

CBS News: They were laid off from full-time jobs, but made too little to get unemployment

Huffington Post: Republicans Want To End Higher Jobless Pay. For Some Workers It Hasn’t Even Begun.

SF Chronicle: Flour + Water Pasta Shop opens in San Francisco with pasta kits and more

In These Times: How to Save the Restaurant Workforce From Being Casualties of The Covid-19 Crisis

Civil Eats: How Fostering Empathy for the People Who Feed Us Could Change Our Food System

April 2020

Food Tank: Amid Difficult COVID-19 News from Around the World, There’s Hope in the Food System

The FERN: The coronavirus has laid bare restaurant workers’ ‘tip to mouth’ existence

Mother Jones: Tipped Restaurant Workers Were Already Hanging By a Thread. What Now?

Crooked Media: Masking My Feelings

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Robert Wood Johnson Commits $50 Million to Help Neediest Victims of Pandemic and Economic Fall

Inside Philanthropy: What is the Top U.S. Health Philanthropy Doing in Response to COVID-19?

Vice: 8 Funds That Are Collecting Money for the People Who Need It Most Right Now

Refinery 29: What Can A Post-Pandemic World Look Like For Restaurant Workers?

SF Chronicle: Job losses grow as 6.6 million file new claims for week

Inside Philanthropy: New Funds Scramble to Aid Restaurant Workers

LA Times: Where to donate to help restaurant industry workers affected by the pandemic

NPR: What Gig Workers Need To Know About Collecting Unemployment

Marketplace: As COVID-19 stimulus and unemployment checks start to go out, some of the most vulnerable are left behind

The Guardian: Spend, save or donate? Ideas for where to put your stimulus check

Bon Appetit: From Pandemic to Protests: How Food Businesses Nationwide Are Responding

The Atlantic: Is It Ethically Okay to Get Food Delivered Right Now?

The Times: Coronavirus: gig economy workers put lives on the line to pay rent

The Huffington Post: The Coronavirus Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With Work In America

March 2020

Just Jared: Laura Dern Takes Extra Precautions With a Mask & Gloves While Walking Her Dog with Mom Diane Ladd

Gear Junkie: COVID Coalition: How Over 30 Outdoor Brands Are Fighting the Pandemic

Colorlines: Power to the People: 40+ Grassroots Activists Step Up During the COVID-19 Crisis

Food Tank: Saru Jayaraman Talks Fair Wages, COVID-19

The Nation: 12 Coronavirus Funds That Will Help the Most Vulnerable

The Atlantic: The Fact That I Can’t Fix Things Now Is Breaking My Heart’

Yahoo! Finance: Waiters living “tip to mouth” face more hardship in shutdown

Chronogram: How to Help Hudson Valley Restaurants and Service Industry Workers Impacted by COVID-19

Achei USA: Guia completo de auxílio durante a pandemia na Costa Oeste dos EUA

CBS News: Restaurant workers, already living “tip to mouth,” face more hardship in shutdown

Architectural Digest: 12 Ways to Support the Design Community Right Now

La Opinion: Trabajadores sin documentos luchan mientras la economía se detiene

Elite Daily: Here’s How To Help Laid-Off Shift & Gig Workers During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Food Tank: Support These 35+ Organizations Helping Restaurants, Workers, and Farmers Survive COVID-19

The Breakfast Club: Andrew Yang Announces He’s Giving $1M To The People Of NYC

CNN: Andrew Yang’s non-profit to spend more than $1 million to aid working families impacted by coronavirus

The Hill: Andrew Yang nonprofit to dole out checks to 500 households

The Guardian: Andrew Yang: ex-presidential hopeful giving $1m in response to coronavirus

Resonate: Andrew Yang’s Non-Profit to Deliver Over $1Million to Working Families Affected by Coronavirus

CBS News: Andrew Yang’s nonprofit to donate $1 million to families impacted by coronavirus

CNBC: Andrew Yang’s nonprofit giving out $1 million amid COVID-19 crisis, including $250-$500 checks via social media

Yahoo! Here’s How You Can Help Out Restaurants and Their Laid-Off Staff

Resy Blog: How to Help Your Favorite Restaurants — Right Now

Thrillist: 5 Ways to Support NYC Restaurants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Guardian: ‘I could be on the street’: 100,000 jobs at risk as coronavirus pummels California restaurants

Food & Wine: What to Do When You’ve Been Laid Off from Your Service Job

Forbes: How To Find Money, Keep Your Business Going, And Help Your Employees During COVID-19

VinePair: How to Give Back to Hospitality Professionals Impacted by Covid-19

Travel & Leisure: These Fundraisers Are Assisting Those Affected by Coronavirus — and They Need Your Help

Refinery29: How You Can Help Local Restaurants & Small Businesses Survive The Coronavirus Shutdown

Truthout: Facing Mass Layoffs, Restaurant Workers Demand Living Wage and Paid Sick Leave

Out Smart: Unemployment Help for LGBTQ Bar and Restaurant Workers Affected by COVID-19

The Boston Globe: How restaurants are helping their employees — and how you can get involved

The Denver Post: Denver restaurants lay off employees by the hundreds following coronavirus bar, restaurant shutdown

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Spreadsheets, free meals and Dining Bonds among creative efforts to help restaurants and service industry workers

Architectural Digest: How to Support Your Community During This Difficult Time

Robb Report: Your Favorite Bars and Restaurants Are Closing. Here’s How to Help Them Reopen

Goop: How to Support Kids, Seniors, and Vulnerable Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Democracy Now! Facing Mass Layoffs, Restaurant Workers Living “Tip to Mouth” Demand Living Wage & Paid Sick Leave

Time: As COVID-19 Crashes the Economy, Workers and Business Owners Wonder If Anything Can Save Them From Financial Ruin

Detroit Free Press: How to help others in metro Detroit: Foster a dog, donate money

Yahoo: How To Support Restaurants and Their Workers Right Now

Parade: Serve Your Servers: How to Help Restaurant Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic 

MSN: Emergency Cash Available For Tipped Workers As Restaurants Close To Stop Coronavirus Spread

Los Angeles Times: Resources for restaurants and workers affected by the coronavirus crisis

Food & Wine: As Coronavirus Shutters Restaurants Across the Country, a Swell of Support for Workers Rises Up

Eater: A List of Relief Funds for Restaurants, Bars, and Food Service Workers

Crain’s New York: Gaps in health care make us all vulnerable

Crain’s Detroit: One Fair Wage raising money for emergency relief for service workers.

CBS News: These workers are going without pay during the coronavirus crisis. Here’s how to help.

Business Insider: The restaurant industry is dipping into emergency funds to pay the wages of bartenders and servers stuck in coronavirus limbo — but they’ll need a bigger safety net to weather the pandemic

Bon Appetit: How To Support Restaurants and Their Workers Right Now 

Up Front – KPFA: Out of work: COVID-19 shuts down events and schools, what should be done to help workers?

Wired: Is it Ethical to Order Delivery During a Pandemic

KQED: Low Income People Expected to Be Hardest Hit by Effects of Coronavirus Crisis

Boston Globe: For workers in the time of coronavirus, a troubling choice: work sick, or lose pay?

SF Chronicle: Coronavirus will hit low-wage workers hardest; ‘I won’t be able to pay my rent’

WNYC – The Takeaway: Why Many Restaurant Workers Will Go to Work Sick

February 2020

Grub Street: Why Restaurant Workers Are Protesting New York’s Minimum Wage Plan

Today: This working mom received a $9 paycheck for 70 hours of service – here’s why

The Counter: “If I want to be paid, I have to endure this”: Why restaurant workers say the tip credit is a civil rights issue

The Nation: New York Is Eliminating the Tipped Minimum Wage—Except for Restaurant Workers

Ms. Magazine: Restaurant Workers Demand “One Fair Wage” in New York

AMNY: Restaurant workers rally in Manhattan for a more equal ‘One Fair Wage’ plan

Gothamist: Restaurant Workers Left Out Of $15/Hour Minimum Wage Plan

January 2020

NY Daily News: Time for one fair wage for all: Gov. Cuomo and New York must now uplift restaurant workers too